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1.3 26/02/08
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  • Mac OS X

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Minimum requirements
Processor: PPC/Intel MHz
Others: Mac OS X 10.4 or later Safari 3.0 or later
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Keywurl 1.3 26/02/08 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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Simple keyword search for Safari

Cyril Roger

  • Add any number of keyword
  • A bit difficult to install

Keywurl adds functionality to Safari similar to the search functionality in Firefox and Opera. Type a keyword and a query in the address bar, and it will be expanded into a predefined search.


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I'm probably not going to be the biggest user, but that's coz im forgetful. it's so easy though, really simple to use, fairly simple to install (just use the readme, instead of immediately googling it like me duhh) and ur away

one small criticism, it doesn't (as far as i'm aware) instruct on how to create new keyword searches

it only took 5 minutes however to figure it out: common sense won after googling it failed: all you have to do is perform a search, take the url and then copy and paste. all you have to do then is change the query. all sounds complicated but in simple terms take ebay as an example

go to

perform search e/g type handbag in search box and press enter

copy the page address/url of the results e/g

open safari preferences, click on keywurl tab

click the little plus button to add a new tag, name it "ebay"

now paste the web address/url in to the text box labelled "extension"

delete the thing you typed e/g handbag so it's now ""

drag the blue oval called "complete query" to the exact place where your search term was, do not alter anything else, so now it's " QUERY)?_frdlpwl=1&_rdc=1"

exit safari prefs

now when you type "ebay" and your search terms in to the address bar, seperated by spaces, it will perform a search on e/g browse to "ebay shoes" and it will instantly take you to ""

Hope it works for you as easy as it did for me. Great piece of software, love it.

  • Easy to use
  • Good install instructions
  • Free!
  • Slightly hard to install

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03 Jun 2009

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